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What we did

We had the pleasure of collaborating with Vortex on a comprehensive design project tailored to their unique needs. Our work began with a refreshing brand makeover, followed by the creation of accurate and engaging maps and visuals that showcase the company’s strengths and major accomplishments in their exploration story. We included locator maps and geophysics figures to showcase their soil and rock samples findings, as well as some relevant gravity anomalies in their San Nicolas project.

To complete the project, we crafted a captivating corporate presentation that effectively tells Vortex’s story and grabs the attention of the market. Our modern design emphasizes the company’s vision for the future.

By developing this type of integrated project, we were able to support Vortex in improving its narrative consistency and strengthening its narrative in front of investors and stakeholders. The end result is a source of pride for our team, and we believe it will help Vortex stand out and succeed in the mineral exploration industry.