Create A Social Brand That Truly Speaks To Your Community

At Exploration Sites, we understand the mineral exploration industry’s language and the nuances of its audience – the stakeholders. We recognize that complex data-based narratives don’t always translate well to a wider business community. That’s why we bring you Social Media Management Services designed for your specific industry’s needs.


We empower junior miners to showcase their remarkable findings in a way that ignites excitement and leaves a lasting impact.


Stand out and position your company as a leader. Effective marketing will amplify your reach and attract investors and strategic partners globally.


Forge strong relationships with captivating content, compelling narratives, and interactive platforms, sparking curiosity and building trust in your brand.


Industry Specific,
Results Driven

Experience comprehensive social media management that transforms your corporate strategy into engaging content. We offer strategic planning, consistent posting, high-quality designs, and detailed analytics to enhance your visibility, establish authority, and drive growth. Tap into our industry expertise to build a meaningful network and position your brand as a key player.

Consultation and Strategy Development

Tailoring strategic plans to meet your specific business goals.

Content Creation
and Distribution

Crafting compelling content and distributing news releases to maximize reach.

Social Media and Audience Engagement

Managing social media posts and engaging with your audience to build connections.

Analytics and
Campaign Insights

Providing comprehensive analytics and monthly reports to track progress and optimize strategies.


Proven Success,
Quantifiable Results

We prioritize outcomes as much as the process. Our successful track-record of creating a strategic social media presence for our clients speaks for itself. We’ve seen posts with +3K impressions, tripled audience reach within three months, and achieved an engagement rate rise to over 29.5%. We don’t just build a presence; we create impact.

Our goal is to consistently deliver significant, measurable results, such as:

  • Effectively tripling audience reach within 3 months
  • Growth from non-existence to over 2.8K clicks, 700 interactions in 5 months
  • 130% rise in unique impressions MoM.
  • Scaling the Average Engagement Rate to over 29.5%.I

  • In essence, we built an  effective social media strategy – concise, impactful, and resonant with our client’s audience.