Tell your project’s story in a powerful visual format

Harness the power of video, today’s most effective marketing format, to integrate your mapping and drillhole information into sophisticated 3D software, and gain higher traction with potential investors.

EXPLORATION SITES turns intriguing surface and underground observations into exciting, eye-catching video footage—covering everything from simple to structurally complex deposits.

Exploration sites

Demo reel

Videos that will tell your story


We save you time and money by having your video tell your story to a targeted audience with a cohesive brand experience.


We use tailored geospatial programs to present your technical story in attractive animations.

Post Production

We use labels and callouts to drive focus to the information that really matters.

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Dolly Varden Silver

Group Ten Metals

Brixton Metals Corp

Dolly Varden

Group Ten Metals

Brixton Metals Corp


After Effects

Adobe After Effects is a state of the art motion graphics software that allows for labels, animation, and motion tracking.


Premiere Pro is an editing program that allows for compiling and editing videos and audio including retiming videos to audio for a more impacting feel.


Hiigh-quality audio tracks achieved using state of the art (or modern or up to date or emerging) audio recording hardware.


Maps and figures are compiled and styled in photoshop, retaining geospatial accuracy while increasing customization and amplifying design aesthetic.


leapfrog allows for the visualization of subsurface 3d information including implicit modelling.

Google Earth

Google Earth allows for 2D geospatial data to be visualized on 3D terrain, anywhere in the world.