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EXPLORATION SITES was created to fulfill one important purpose: To turn site data into visual materials that excite investors and drive business success in the mining and mineral exploration industries. 

To successfully accomplish this goal, we’ve followed the philosophy that ‘people shouldn’t invest into things they don’t understand.’ It’s our mission to create visual assets that remove confusion and deliver an educational experience—leading to the win-win investment scenarios that empower our clients to succeed.

Dorian Leslie

Founder & CEO
Dorian has been contributing to the mineral exploration industry for over 20 years. His involvement in this sector began with visualizing geospatial data. He now specializes in managing the development of investor-focused material — this includes directing a specialized team to depict exploration programs through maps, corporate decks, websites, and movies. From this data, he creates technical visuals for both private and public sector entities.

Anastasia Schoeps

Project Manager
Anastasia is an accomplished project manager with a background in Geology and Geographic Information Systems. Her extensive experience includes ‘boots-on-the-ground’ greenfield exploration, digital cartography, and the management of large, complex datasets.

Kai Erfle

Web & Graphic Designer
Kai is a skilled graphic and web designer who graduated from British Columbia Institute of Technology, where he developed his cutting-edge skills in user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design. He has been instrumental to the success of many of Exploration Site’s recent projects.

Jake Galbraith

Motion Picture Graphic Designer
Jake is a talented 3D Graphic Designer who graduated from the University of Creative Arts with a Bachelor’s Degree in Design. His ability to come up with new and innovative ways to develop, create & display data, is a great asset to Exploration Sites.

Daniela Gordillo

Marketing Specialist
Daniela is a professional Advertiser, with great experience in the marketing field and building communication strategies that create meaningful connections between brands and their audiences. At Exploration Sites she is working to strengthen and improve the brand communication channels and is excited to know deeply about the unique mining and mineral exploration industries, while she helps the company connect with more clients and generate high value.