Get to know our team

EXPLORATION SITES was created to fulfill one important purpose: To turn site data into visual materials that excite investors and drive business success in the mining and mineral exploration industries. 

To successfully accomplish this goal, we’ve followed the philosophy that ‘people shouldn’t invest into things they don’t understand.’ It’s our mission to create visual assets that remove confusion and deliver an educational experience—leading to the win-win investment scenarios that empower our clients to succeed.

Exploration Sites CEO Dorian

Dorian Leslie

Founder & CEO

Dorian has been supporting the mineral exploration industry for over 20 years. His involvement in this sector began with remote sensing and staking mineral claims. He now specializes in exploration program logistics—managing data that includes geochemical sampling, geophysical and drilling programs. From this data he creates impressive technical reports for both private and public sector entities.

Anastasia Glicman

Project Manager

Anastasia is an accomplished project manager with a background in Geology and Geographic Information Systems. Her extensive experience includes ‘boots-on-the-ground’ greenfield exploration, digital cartography, and the management of large, complex datasets.

Exploration Sites employee Stasia
Exploration Sites employee Nehal

Nehal Hussein

Web Developer

Nehal is an experienced developer adept in all stages of advanced web development. She graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, and has a deep familiarity with the processes and terminologies that are specific to mining and mineral exploration. 

Kai Erfle

Graphic & Web Designer

Kai is a skilled graphic and web designer who graduated from British Columbia Institute of Technology, where he developed his cutting-edge skills in user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design. He has been instrumental to the success of many of Exploration Site’s recent projects.

Exploration Sites employee Kai

Dan McKelvey

GIS Technician

Dan is a recent UVIC graduate specializing in Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing. With a developing understanding of the mineral exploration industry, his thorough understanding of current and emerging technologies is an asset to Exploration Sites. 

Jesse Armstrong


Jesse is an exceptional youth nearing the end of high school. He is adept with electronics and possesses strong IT skills. He is our resident “machine”, achieving repetitive mundane tasks in record times. He has a bright future in his planned career as an airplane pilot and we are grateful for his contributions to our team.