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Exploration Sites Is A Multimedia Agency Focused On The Mineral Exploration Industry. We are GIS Specialists, Geologists, Graphic Designers and Web Developers. We Create Maps, Presentations, Websites, and Movies about Mineral Exploration Projects.


We produce visually striking maps that highlight the key features of mining projects

Our maps blend accuracy with aesthetics, providing a clear and engaging representation of geological data to support investor decision-making.


Crafting Concise and Visually Engaging Presentations

We transform technical data into compelling narratives, effectively communicating project potential to captivate investors.

Dolly Varden Silver

Grid Battery Metals


Dynamic, User-Friendly Websites Tailored For Investors​

Our designs prioritize clear information presentation and visual appeal, ensuring that each website effectively showcases project strengths and engages potential investors.

Appia Rare Earths & Uranium

West Red Lake Gold


Creating Informative Videos That Showcase Your Highlights​

Our videos blend high-quality visuals with concise narratives, effectively communicating complex data in an investor-friendly format.

Dolly Varden Silver - Kitsault Valley Project

Gold79 - Virtual Site Visit to the Gold Chain Project

Group Ten - Battery and Platinum Group Metals

Our Process

At Exploration Sites, we leverage our in-house team’s extensive skills to turn intricate exploration strategies into compelling stories. Each year, we partner hundreds of the publicly traded exploration companies, transforming their exploration results into stunning visuals to captivate investors.