Captivating visuals that secure investment.

Transform your technical data into a compelling story that captivates your investor's interest.

Exploration Sites is a Multimedia Agency focused on the Mineral Exploration Industry.

We are GIS Specialists, Geologists, Graphic Designers and Web Developers. We Create Maps, Presentations, Websites, and Movies about Mineral Exploration Projects.

Turn your geotechnical data into an inspiring narrative that drives investor support

Hard data is essential to any mining operation’s success however presenting it in a way that spurs investors into action is important to moving your project forward

Enhance your data with visuals that blend information with inspiration, and generate greater investment, faster.

EXPLORATION SITES creates impressive technical maps, harnesses cutting-edge explainer videos, and industry-leading pitch decks, and builds mining-specific websites – all of which capture your project potential and rally investor support


An essential tool for exploration success, make your maps readable yet beautiful to capture the attention of investors and take your project to the next level.


A website is often the first—and potentially last—chance to connect with potential investors. Your website needs to deliver quality visual information and a frictionless user experience, while presenting a compelling case for investment.


Your organization’s success depends on how investors view your exploration project. Turn the numbers into a narrative that informs viewers while building excitement.


Harness the power of video, today’s most effective marketing format, to integrate your mapping and drillhole information into sophisticated 3D software, and gain higher traction with potential investors.