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What we did

Our team has had the pleasure of collaborating with Surge Battery on a comprehensive project to support the company’s exploration strategy in the clean energy sector. In today’s competitive landscape, the race among battery metal explorers is more tenacious than ever. Thus, we took a holistic approach to create a product that would help Surge Battery stand out from the crowd.

Our design team crafted beautiful maps that showcase the unique features of Surge Battery’s project. These maps provide an accurate visual representation of the company’s exploration efforts, highlighting areas of high mineralization potential and identifying promising new areas for exploration. Additionally, our team created a modern website that is easy to navigate and provides investors a solid overview of the company offer of value.

Furthermore, we developed a compelling corporate deck that combines maps and figures with investor-related content. The deck showcases the potential benefits of Surge Battery’s exploration strategy for investors and partners, while also demonstrating the company’s unique approach to exploration through an effective storytelling strategy.