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What we did

First Tin is a fast-developing, mining and development company that is betting on tin as a critical, yet often overlooked, clean energy metal. We have had the pleasure of working with First Tin to support their exploration story by designing a variety of maps that showcase their vision and the development of their strategy.

We started by creating a worldwide locator map to display the scope of their exploration efforts, followed by more detailed district and regional maps, as well as more technical figures with geology details and cross-section graphics, that support First Tin in presenting their bold strategy to the world. These maps not only highlight the promising areas for exploration but also showcase the company’s commitment to sustainability and the environment, with an ethos to “leave no trace.”

Our team created a coherent design style that resonates with First Tin’s mission to support sustainability and the current global clean energy and technological revolutions. The maps feature bright colors and elegant design elements that visually convey the company’s values and the potential of their exploration efforts.