Pacific Ridge

Location BC Commodity Au-Cu Stock Ticker TSX-V: PEX $ Raised 6.8M What we did Pacific Ridge aims to become a top leader of British Columbia’s exploration race, with a bold strategy focused on high-potential copper and gold deposits. To support their efforts, we created a series of high-quality maps and figures that showcase the project’s unique […]

GSP Resource Corp.

Location Canada – BC Commodity Cu Stock Ticker TSX-V: DCOP $ Raised 0.4M What we did Our partnership with GSP Resources has enabled us to understand their needs and create various media resources, resulting in a cohesive media ecosystem that supports their project’s communication strategy. To showcase the potential of their mineral exploration efforts in […]

Surge Battery

Location USA – NV Commodity Li & Ni Stock Ticker TSX-V: NILI $ Raised 8.3M What we did Our team has had the pleasure of collaborating with Surge Battery on an ongoing and developing basis. We initially supported Surge Battery in the development of their Pre & Post-IPO corporate image through maps, corporate deck & […]

Sasquatch Resources

Location Canada – BC Commodity Cu Stock Ticker CSE: SASQ $ Raised 0.3M What we did Our partnership with Sasquatch Resources has resulted in the creation of beautiful maps, showcasing the strategic location of their copper project on Vancouver Island.  These maps also highlight the significance of their discoveries in the field, featuring detailed rock […]

Rock Cliff

Location Canada – ON Commodity Au Stock Ticker TSX-V: SEK $ Raised 1.0M What we did We crafted a comprehensive area play map that captures all the relevant assets of Rock Cliff and other main players in the prolific Flin Flon-Snow Lake Greenstone Belt.  Our design team faced the challenge to display lots of data […]

Copper Lake

Location Canada – ON Commodity Cu Stock Ticker TSX-V: CPL

District Metals

Location Sweden Commodity Cu Stock Ticker TSX-V: DMX $ Raised 1.8M What we did The objective of this project was to support District Metals’ story by creating visually appealing maps, that help them showcase the strengths of their project location and the strategic vision behind their exploration targets.  View their website $ Raised District Metals […]

Rock Ridge

Location Canada – SK Commodity Cu Stock Ticker TSX-V: ROCK $ Raised 2.4M What we did We crafted maps that showcase Rock Ridge’s strategic project,s locations all over Canada. View their website $ Raised Rockridge Resources Completes Oversubscribed Non-Brokered Financing


Location Australia Commodity Cu Stock Ticker ASX: KCC $ Raised 9.6M What we did Kincora entrusted us with creating and hosting their website, as well as maintaining all project information up to date. We also developed various maps and GIS figures to showcase their exploration strategy. In addition, we created a comprehensive and appealing movie […]

York Harbour

Location Canada- NF Commodity Ag-Zn-Cu Stock Ticker TSX-V: WAM $ Raised 11.5M What we did We created a differential website and tailor-made maps that aim to capture York Harbour’s unique vision and innovative strategy to move forward with its exploration program. View their website $ Raised York Harbour Metals Announces Closing Of $11.46 Million Private […]