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NPRegional_queticoSubprovince_players- Map designed by Exploration Sites


Ontario, CA



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What we did

Newpath Resources Inc. is a project generator that is hyper focused on Ontario, a world-class mining jurisdiction and one of the leading producers of gold, nickel, and platinum group elements. This young company brings a unique perspective to the mining industry with its vision of exploration projects that focus on developing strong partnerships with indigenous groups. This approach allows Newpath to move faster through the development and production phases, and to return premium value for its shareholders.

Guided by this bold mindset, we collaborated with the Newpath team to create a solid corporate image. The color selection even maintains a strong connection with their interests in acknowledging indigenous communities, and every map contributes to creating a clear narrative about the high potential of their exploration strategy for critical metals. They are well-positioned for success, thanks to the many strengths their projects can offer investors.

As part of this project, our GIS and design team joined forces with Newpath to create develop maps that showcase a complete overview of their projects. These range from Thunder Bay’s relevant players and Quetico Subprovince’s rich geology, to more detailed figures zooming in on Newpath’s mineral discoveries on their projects, including lithium in lake sediments and pegmatite occurrences.