Captivating imagery that helps mining projects secure investment.

Turn your geotechnical data into inspiring visuals that drive investor support

Hard data is essential to any mining operation’s success—but it must be presented in a way that spurs investors into action. Enhance your data with visuals that blend information with inspiration, and generate greater investment, faster.

EXPLORATION SITES creates impressive technical maps, harnesses cutting-edge video tools, and builds mining and mineral-specific websites—all of which capture your project’s potential, and rally investor support.

Save time, resources, and mitigate miscommunication across different service providers

EXPLORATION SITES’ in-house team has wide-reaching skills that span a multitude of industry needs, ensuring that all your visual materials are created within a cohesive brand experience. 

We work with over a hundred of the world’s leading publicly traded exploration companies every year—ranging in size from $10million market caps to over $1billion.  

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An expert map can save you thousands of exploration dollars


It’s all in the presentation


Compelling websites built by mining-tech professionals


Tell your project’s story in a powerful visual format

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