Cabral Gold

Location Brazil Commodity Au Stock Ticker TSX-V: CBR $ Raised 14.5M What we did We produced a movie and maps for their Cuiú Cuiú gold district located in the Tapajós Region, within the state of Pará in northern Brazil. This media had become a valuable asset for the company´s storytelling strategy, as it all holds […]

Freeman Gold

Location USA-Idaho Commodity Au Stock Ticker TSX-V: FMAN $ Raised 16.4M What we did We created a movie for their Lehmi Gold project. Utilizing 3D Leapfrog model animations, and interactive locator maps among other media resources this video facilitates to have a better approach to the project’s potential. View their website $ Raised Freeman Gold […]

Dolly Varden

Location Canada-BC Commodity Ag Stock Ticker TSX-V: DV $ Raised 18.3M What we did Dolly Varden is a long-time client that we’ve had the pleasure of partnering with throughout their impressive evolution as one of the strongest junior miners in the industry. In 2022, the company decided to reflect this evolution in their image, and […]