Newpath Resources

NPRegional_queticoSubprovince_players- Map designed by Exploration Sites

Newpath Resources Inc. is a project generator that is hyper focused on Ontario, a world-class mining jurisdiction and one of the leading producers of gold, nickel, and platinum group elements.

Magna Mining

Location Canada-ON Commodity Ni Stock Ticker TSX-V: NICU $ Raised 38.0M What we did We collaborated with Magna to enhance their storytelling through tailored and visually appealing maps for their Shakespeare Ni-Cu-PGM Project, located 70km southwest of Sudbury, Ontario. Our cohesive design style, featuring bright colors, creates an attractive aesthetic that guides the audience’s attention […]


Location Canada – ON Commodity Au Stock Ticker TSX-V: TTG $ Raised 0.3M What we did We worked with TransCanada, a development company focused on advancing its district-scale gold exploration projects in Newfoundland and Ontario, to create a variety of claim and geology maps that effectively convey their exploration strategy. These maps showcase the different […]

Fuse Cobalt

Location Canada – ON Commodity Co Stock Ticker TSX-V: FUSE $ Raised 0.8M What we did Fuse Cobalt has recently undergone a rebranding by our team, and we are proud to present the result. Our design team has developed a modern and innovative corporate image that aligns with the company’s mission in the battery metals […]


Location Canada – ON Commodity Au Stock Ticker TSX-V: SEK $ Raised 1.0M What we did We developed project maps for Secova with the goal of creating an easy-to-follow visual narrative that aligns with the company’s strategy and effectively highlights the strengths of their properties. By displaying their strategic location on the Abitibi Greenstone Belt […]

Nexus Mtls.

Location Canada Commodity Au Stock Ticker TSX-V: NXS $ Raised 1.0M What we did Our design team crafted an amazing design for Nexus’ maps, along with a user-friendly website, that facilitates the audience to get involved with their exploration strategy and get a clear picture of their projects’ potential across Canada.  View their website


Location Canada- ON Commodity Au Stock Ticker CSE: SEAG $ Raised 1.2M What we did Our team is proud to have developed a cohesive design project for Seahawk, including a corporate presentation and project maps that effectively showcase the company’s strengths.  From area play maps for each property to detailed cross-section figures, our designs maintain […]

Copper Lake

Location Canada – ON Commodity Cu Stock Ticker TSX-V: CPL

SPC Nickel

Location Canada – BC Commodity Ni Stock Ticker TSX-V: SPC $ Raised 1.7M What we did Our team crafted visually stunning stories that illustrate the commitment and dedication of the SPC Exploration team in their properties in Ontario and Nunavut. We took meticulous care to guarantee that the technical accuracy of these figures was preserved, […]

Gold 79

Location USA – NV Commodity Au – Ag Stock Ticker TSX-V: AUU $ Raised 1.8M What we did We have developed a consistent job with Gold 79 media, creating everything from their website, to all kinds of GIS maps to display their project potential.  We integrated their storytelling in a compelling corporate deck, that reflects […]