Pacific Ridge

Location BC Commodity Au-Cu Stock Ticker TSX-V: PEX $ Raised 6.8M What we did Pacific Ridge aims to become a top leader of¬†British Columbia’s exploration race, with a bold strategy focused on high-potential copper and gold deposits. To support their efforts, we created a series of high-quality maps and figures that showcase the project’s unique […]

Vortex Metals

Location Mexico Commodity Au Stock Ticker TSX-V: VMS $ Raised — What we did We had the pleasure of collaborating with Vortex on a comprehensive design project tailored to their unique needs. Our work began with a refreshing brand makeover, followed by the creation of accurate and engaging maps and visuals that showcase the company’s […]

Prime Mining

Location Mexico Commodity Au Stock Ticker TSX-V: PRYM $ Raised 21.0M What we did Our team has created a comprehensive project that supports Prime’s exploration evolution. Our personalized maps and high-quality technical figures, including cross sections and detailed drilling maps, maintain a consistent design and branding to contribute to Prime Mining’s presentation as a bold […]

Sonoro Gold

Location Mexico Commodity Au Stock Ticker TSX.V: SGO $ Raised 6.6M What we did Our team had the pleasure of working directly with Sonoro’s GIS team to breathe new life into some of their cross-section figures. We went above and beyond to create detailed and high-quality graphics that not only convey a clear message but […]

GR Silver

Location Mexico Commodity Ag Stock Ticker TSX-V: GRSL $ Raised 12.8M What we did Working with GR Silver our team’s GIS technical skills have had the time to shine, developing multiple Section Figures, that display most clearly their exploration’s relevant results.  View their website $ Raised GR Silver Announces Receipt of Final Prospectus and Automatic […]


Location Mexico Commodity Ag Stock Ticker TSX-V: ZAC $ Raised 19.2M What we did Back in 2020, we developed Zacatecas’ website, corporate deck and, maps. View their website $ Raised Zacatecas Closes Oversubscribed $19.15 Million Financing