Mountain Boy

Location Canada – BC Commodity Au Stock Ticker TSX-V: MTB $ Raised 3.1M What we did Our team created custom area play maps highlighting Mountain Boy’s strategic project location in BC’s Golden Triangle, drawing on our extensive experience working in this prolific region for various clients. We supplemented these maps with geology maps that further […]


Location Canada-QC Commodity Au Stock Ticker TSX-V: NICU $ Raised 20.0M What we did We created stunning figures to clearly visualize Melkior’s exploration strategy. Our GIS team did an excellent job creating 3D sections for their GENEX project, that effectively display all the valuable data while maintaining an engaging visual narrative that captivates both technical […]

Stillwater Critical Metals

Location USA – MT Commodity PGE Stock Ticker TSX-V: PGE $ Raised 6.0M What we did Before the company rebrand to Stillwater, our team created a movie to clearly explain Group Ten’s work in the lower Stillwater Complex and the presence of large-scale disseminated battery metals and PGE mineralization. Using extensive exploration data analysis by […]

GSP Resource Corp.

Location Canada – BC Commodity Cu Stock Ticker TSX-V: DCOP $ Raised 0.4M What we did Our partnership with GSP Resources has enabled us to understand their needs and create various media resources to support their project’s communication strategy.  We have developed maps highlighting the geology and strategic location of their Alwin project in BC, […]

Gold Hunter

Location Canada – NL Commodity Au Stock Ticker CSE: HUNT $ Raised 0.9M What we did To showcase the potential of Gold Hunter’s exploration strategy, we created area play figures and detailed geology maps to highlight the relevant geology of this exploration area.  This data is a crucial part of the company’s narrative and helps […]


Location Canada-ON Commodity Ni Stock Ticker TSX-V: NICU $ Raised 20.0M What we did We support Magna to improve their storytelling with tailored appealing maps for their Shakespeare Ni-Cu-PGM Project, located 70km southwest of Sudbury, Ontario. View their website $ Raised Magna Mining closes previously announced non-brokered private placement for gross proceeds of approximately $20.0 […]

Omai Gold Mines

Location Guyana Commodity Au Stock Ticker TSX-V: OTGO $ Raised — What we did We created a stunning Greenstone belt map for this Gold mine company, which become a valuable asset for them to better display the relevance of their strategic target areas. View their website

O2 Gold

Location Colombia Commodity Au Stock Ticker TSX-V: OTGO $ Raised — What we did Our team crafted beautiful, cohesive maps for their projects that reflect their strong corporate image.  Also, we designed a compelling corporate deck, that supports them in effectively communicating their interesting exploration journey. View their website

Nuclear Fuels

Location Canada / USA Commodity Ni Stock Ticker TSX-V: NICL $ Raised — What we did We are working along with this new exploration company, to help them develop their media assets with a coherent and consistent narrative, that aligns with the company’s vision. At the time we are working on the development of their […]

Nickel Rock

Location Canada – BC Commodity Ni Stock Ticker TSX-V: NICL $ Raised — What we did We supported Nickel Rock’s storytelling by creating appealing maps for their projects, which showcase the unique potential and strengths of each of their projects. Also, our web design team developed a user-friendly site, that places attention on the company’s […]