Newpath Resources

NPRegional_queticoSubprovince_players- Map designed by Exploration Sites

Newpath Resources Inc. is a project generator that is hyper focused on Ontario, a world-class mining jurisdiction and one of the leading producers of gold, nickel, and platinum group elements.

Surge Battery

Location USA – NV Commodity Li & Ni Stock Ticker TSX-V: NILI $ Raised 8.3M What we did Our team has had the pleasure of collaborating with Surge Battery on an ongoing and developing basis. We initially supported Surge Battery in the development of their Pre & Post-IPO corporate image through maps, corporate deck & […]

Standard Lithium

Location USA- AK Commodity Li Stock Ticker TSX-V:SLI $ Raised — What we did In 2018, our team created an exceptional movie that highlighted the immense potential and strengths of Standard Lithium’s exploration strategy. Implementing a combination of high-quality visuals and a compelling narrative that engages the audience and allows for easier digestion of technical […]

Nuclear Fuels

Location Canada / USA Commodity Li Stock Ticker TSX-V: NICL $ Raised — What we did We are working along with this new exploration company, to help them develop their media assets with a coherent and consistent narrative, that aligns with the company’s vision, and achieves to stand their high potential exploring Uranium in a […]


Location Canada- NL Commodity Li Stock Ticker CSE: MANN $ Raised 1.0M What we did Working with Manning has allowed our design and GIS teams to showcase their skills and create a cohesive and engaging storytelling strategy using maps that seamlessly blend into a smooth website experience and support their corporate deck to stand out […]

Arena Minerals

Location Argentina Commodity Li Stock Ticker TSX-V: AN $ Raised 10.0M What we did We crafted Arena’s locator and Claim maps for their Sal de la Puna Project in Argentina. View their website $ Raised Lithium Americas Increases Strategic Interest In Arena Minerals

Lithium South

Location Chile Commodity Li Stock Ticker TSX-V: LIS $ Raised 12.6M What we did We created locator and claim maps to support Lithium South’s storytelling about their projects in the Lithium Triangle, a region of the Andes known for its lithium production. These maps helped to showcase the relevance of the company’s projects in this […]