Location Mexico Commodity Au Stock Ticker TSX-V: VMS $ Raised — What we did Our team was honored to work with Vortex on a comprehensive design project tailored to their unique needs. We began by giving the company a bold and refreshing brand makeover, followed by creating accurate and engaging maps and visuals that showcase […]

Silver 47

Location USA – NV Commodity Ag Stock Ticker — $ Raised — What we did We have been fortunate to work with Silver 47 from the very beginning, designing their branding, website, figures, and corporate deck. As a result, the company has established a strong and confident identity even before going public on the CSE. […]

Nexus Gold

Location Africa Commodity Au Stock Ticker TSX-V: NXS $ Raised 3.0M What we did Our design team crafted an amazing design for Nexus’ maps, with a dark mode style that makes them stand out and helps to effectively drive the audience’s attention to the key elements of the company strategy.  View their website $ Raised […]

Golden Sky

Location Canada – YK Commodity Au Stock Ticker TSX-V: AUEN $ Raised — What we did Our team created stunning GIS maps showcasing the company’s exploration journey in the Yukon. We also had the chance to develop their corporate deck and an interactive website to showcase their public data and engage visitors in understanding the […]

Gold Island

Location Canada – NL Commodity Au Stock Ticker — $ Raised — What we did We have supported Gold Island, creating a variety of media assets, including their website, deck, fact sheet, and different types of maps to showcase the company’s ambitious exploration vision. View their website


Location Colombia Commodity Au Stock Ticker TSX-V: ARIS $ Raised — What we did Our design team developed a cohesive project, creating a variety of maps to display the relevance of Aris’ strategy, operating in one of the world’s highest-grade gold mines.  Also, we were in charge of blending their whole story into a compelling […]


Location Canada- NL Commodity Li Stock Ticker CSE: MANN $ Raised 1.0M What we did Working with Manning has allowed our design and GIS teams to showcase their skills and create a cohesive and engaging storytelling strategy using maps that seamlessly blend into a smooth website experience and support their corporate deck to stand out […]


Location Canada- ON Commodity Au Stock Ticker CSE: SEAG $ Raised 1.2M What we did Our team is proud to have developed a cohesive design project for Seahawk, including a corporate presentation and project maps that effectively showcase the company’s strengths.  From area play maps for each property to detailed cross-section figures, our designs maintain […]


Location Canada – BC Commodity Cu Stock Ticker CSE: MTS $ Raised 1.7M What we did We have closely collaborated with the Metallis team to develop a cohesive experience across their media channels, including their website, figures, and deck. Each piece plays a crucial role in supporting their bold storytelling through a cohesive design. Together, […]

Taurus Gold

Location Canada – YK Commodity Au Stock Ticker CSE: TAUR $ Raised 1.7M What we did We crafted a variety of GIS maps for Taurus´ exploration project. From property to detail drilling figures. Also, our team created a website and corporate deck that integrates the company story into a cohesive narrative, that reflects their strategic […]