Mountain Boy

Location Canada – BC Commodity Au Stock Ticker TSX-V: MTB $ Raised 3.1M What we did Our team created custom area play maps highlighting Mountain Boy’s strategic project location in BC’s Golden Triangle, drawing on our extensive experience working in this prolific region for various clients. We supplemented these maps with geology maps that further […]


Location Canada-QC Commodity Au Stock Ticker TSX-V: NICU $ Raised 20.0M What we did We created stunning figures to clearly visualize Melkior’s exploration strategy. Our GIS team did an excellent job creating 3D sections for their GENEX project, that effectively display all the valuable data while maintaining an engaging visual narrative that captivates both technical […]

GSP Resource Corp.

Location Canada – BC Commodity Cu Stock Ticker TSX-V: DCOP $ Raised 0.4M What we did Our partnership with GSP Resources has enabled us to understand their needs and create various media resources to support their project’s communication strategy.  We have developed maps highlighting the geology and strategic location of their Alwin project in BC, […]

Gold Hunter

Location Canada – NL Commodity Au Stock Ticker CSE: HUNT $ Raised 0.9M What we did To showcase the potential of Gold Hunter’s exploration strategy, we created area play figures and detailed geology maps to highlight the relevant geology of this exploration area.  This data is a crucial part of the company’s narrative and helps […]


Location Mexico Commodity Au Stock Ticker TSX-V: VMS $ Raised — What we did Our team was honored to work with Vortex on a comprehensive design project tailored to their unique needs. We began by giving the company a bold and refreshing brand makeover, followed by creating accurate and engaging maps and visuals that showcase […]


Location Guatemala Commodity Au Stock Ticker TSX-V: VG $ Raised — What we did With Volcanic, our team created a sleek, modern branding that makes the company stand out. We carried it through to their website and every single map, ensuring a cohesive and strong identity that truly captures the company’s potential and effectively communicates […]

Viridian Mtls.

Location Canada – NL Commodity U Stock Ticker TSX-V: VIR $ Raised — What we did Working with Viridian, we had the chance to completely overhaul their branding, creating a contemporary and striking new corporate image. We then applied this new image to the redesign of all their old maps. We also created a cohesive […]

Silver 47

Location USA – NV Commodity Ag Stock Ticker — $ Raised — What we did We have been fortunate to work with Silver 47 from the very beginning, designing their branding, website, figures, and corporate deck. As a result, the company has established a strong and confident identity even before going public on the CSE. […]


Location Canada – BC Commodity Cu Stock Ticker CSE: SASQ $ Raised — What we did Our partnership with Sasquatch has resulted in the creation of beautiful maps showcasing the strategic location of their project on Vancouver Island.  These maps also highlight the significance of their discoveries in the field, featuring detailed rock samples and […]


Location Brazil Commodity Au Stock Ticker TSX-V: RAU $ Raised — What we did Our web design team has created a modern website that reflects Resouro’s digital identity and provides a user-friendly experience for every visitor. The site is designed to be engaging and informative, encouraging visitors to learn more about the company’s strategy. View […]