Pacific Ridge

Location BC Commodity Au-Cu Stock Ticker TSX-V: PEX $ Raised 6.8M What we did Pacific Ridge aims to become a top leader of British Columbia’s exploration race, with a bold strategy focused on high-potential copper and gold deposits. To support their efforts, we created a series of high-quality maps and figures that showcase the project’s unique […]

Vortex Metals

Location Mexico Commodity Au Stock Ticker TSX-V: VMS $ Raised — What we did We had the pleasure of collaborating with Vortex on a comprehensive design project tailored to their unique needs. Our work began with a refreshing brand makeover, followed by the creation of accurate and engaging maps and visuals that showcase the company’s […]

Volcanic Gold Mines Inc.

Location Guatemala Commodity Au Stock Ticker TSX-V: VG $ Raised — What we did We worked with Volcanic Gold Mines to create a bright and modern style that sets them apart from the competition. We carried this branding through to their website and every exploration map – including detailed cross section maps and geology maps […]

Silver Valley

Location USA – NV Commodity Ag Stock Ticker — $ Raised 1.0M What we did As part of our work with Silver Valley, we not only developed a range of maps and GIS figures to showcase the important data obtained from their exploration efforts, but we also renovated their branding with a modern and up-to-date […]

Sasquatch Resources

Location Canada – BC Commodity Cu Stock Ticker CSE: SASQ $ Raised 0.3M What we did Our partnership with Sasquatch Resources has resulted in the creation of beautiful maps, showcasing the strategic location of their copper project on Vancouver Island.  These maps also highlight the significance of their discoveries in the field, featuring detailed rock […]

Red Canyon

Location USA/ Canada Commodity Au Stock Ticker — $ Raised — What we did Red Canyon Resources trusted us to create high-quality maps that effectively communicate their exploration program. Our design and GIS team worked collaboratively to translate each stage of their strategy into a variety of appealing figures, including locator maps, GIS claim details […]

Golden Sky

Location Canada – YK Commodity Au Stock Ticker TSX-V: AUEN $ Raised — What we did Our team at developed high-quality GIS maps for Golden Sky highlighting their successful exploration efforts in the Yukon and underscoring their commitment to discovering mineral deposits in the region. Additionally, we worked closely with the client to develop a […]

Copper Lake

Location Canada – ON Commodity Cu Stock Ticker TSX-V: CPL

SPC Nickel

Location Canada – BC Commodity Ni Stock Ticker TSX-V: SPC $ Raised 1.7M What we did Our team crafted visually stunning stories that illustrate the commitment and dedication of the SPC Exploration team in their properties in Ontario and Nunavut. We took meticulous care to guarantee that the technical accuracy of these figures was preserved, […]

Karus Gold

Location Canada – BC Commodity Au Stock Ticker –– $ Raised 1.7M What we did Our team created some beautiful maps to support Kore Mining’s narrative and facilitate the comprehension of their Gold exploration strategy, just before they completed the Spin Out transaction to become Karus Gold, one of BC’s leading explorers, back in 2021.  […]