GSP Resource Corp.

Location Canada – BC Commodity Cu Stock Ticker TSX-V: DCOP $ Raised 0.4M What we did Our partnership with GSP Resources has enabled us to understand their needs and create various media resources to support their project’s communication strategy.  We have developed maps highlighting the geology and strategic location of their Alwin project in BC, […]


Location Guatemala Commodity Au Stock Ticker TSX-V: VG $ Raised — What we did With Volcanic, our team created a sleek, modern branding that makes the company stand out. We carried it through to their website and every single map, ensuring a cohesive and strong identity that truly captures the company’s potential and effectively communicates […]

Viridian Mtls.

Location Canada – NL Commodity U Stock Ticker TSX-V: VIR $ Raised — What we did Working with Viridian, we had the chance to completely overhaul their branding, creating a contemporary and striking new corporate image. We then applied this new image to the redesign of all their old maps. We also created a cohesive […]

Silver Valley

Location USA – NV Commodity Ag Stock Ticker — $ Raised — What we did We developed a range of maps and GIS figures to showcase the important data obtained from the exploration efforts of Silver Valley. These maps and figures were carefully crafted to maintain a strong branding, creating a cohesive visual narrative for […]

Silver 47

Location USA – NV Commodity Ag Stock Ticker — $ Raised — What we did We have been fortunate to work with Silver 47 from the very beginning, designing their branding, website, figures, and corporate deck. As a result, the company has established a strong and confident identity even before going public on the CSE. […]

Red Canyon

Location USA/ Canada Commodity Au Stock Ticker — $ Raised — What we did We have supported the Red Canyon narrative with beautiful maps that helps them display their projects’ high potential and make their technical data easy to understand for any kind of audience. View their website

Prime Mining

Location Mexico Commodity Au Stock Ticker TSX-V: PRYM $ Raised — What we did Our team has created a comprehensive project that includes Prime’s maps and technical figures. As Prime advances its exploration efforts, we provide them with visually appealing and technically accurate 3D section models to showcase their discoveries and demonstrate the project’s potential.  […]

O2 Gold

Location Colombia Commodity Au Stock Ticker TSX-V: OTGO $ Raised — What we did Our team crafted beautiful, cohesive maps for their projects that reflect their strong corporate image.  Also, we designed a compelling corporate deck, that supports them in effectively communicating their interesting exploration journey. View their website

Nexus Gold

Location Africa Commodity Au Stock Ticker TSX-V: NXS $ Raised 3.0M What we did Our design team crafted an amazing design for Nexus’ maps, with a dark mode style that makes them stand out and helps to effectively drive the audience’s attention to the key elements of the company strategy.  View their website $ Raised […]

Leviathan Gold

Location Australia Commodity Au Stock Ticker TSX-V: LVX $ Raised — What we did Since 2020, we have been responsible for developing and maintaining a cohesive narrative across all of Leviathan’s media outlets, including their website, corporate deck, and figures. Our aim has been to highlight the company’s impressive exploration portfolio and position them as […]