Recu Mining

Location Argentina Commodity Cu Stock Ticker — $ Raised — What we did Our work with ReCu involved developing a bold brand identity that gave the company a modern and unique image while maintaining coherence with their vision and strategy. After establishing the brand assets, we created beautiful maps to display the strategic locations of […]

Silver Sands

Location Argentina Commodity Ag Stock Ticker CSE: SAND $ Raised 1.3M What we did Even before their rebranding from Golden Opportunity to Silver Sands, we created a range of maps and drilling figures that highlighted key data points, such as their strategic location in Argentina and the area’s geophysics. In addition, we also designed their […]

Arena Minerals

Location Argentina Commodity Li Stock Ticker TSX-V: AN $ Raised 10.0M What we did We crafted Arena’s locator and Claim maps for their Sal de la Puna Project in Argentina. View their website $ Raised Lithium Americas Increases Strategic Interest In Arena Minerals


Location Chile-Argentina Commodity Cu Stock Ticker TSX.V: NGEX $ Raised 55.0M What we did Our team has developed a variety of map views for the Los Helados project, all with the goal of highlighting its vast potential. These maps feature 3D-section figures that showcase both historical and recent assay results, giving a comprehensive view of […]